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Selsdon Building Contractors recognises that the manufacture and distribution of the materials we use has the potential to cause adverse social, economic and environmental impacts. We purchase the overwhelming majority of our materials from our Preferred Suppliers (either directly or via a sub-contractor) and are committed to selecting, supporting and collaborating with Preferred Suppliers that are taking steps to address sustainability issues. We deliver this commitment by:

  • Considering sustainability issues in the selection of our Preferred Suppliers. Above and beyond our expectation of compliance with UK legislation, we prioritise the selection of suppliers that meet the following standards:
    • Certified health and safety (OHSAS 18001), environment (ISO 14001) and quality (ISO 9001) management systems.
    • Active management of environmental impacts, including energy/climate change, waste, water, biodiversity and pollution.
    • Policies or procedures covering employee right to work in the UK, employee rights (e.g. working hours, benefits and training), equality/diversity, grievance/whistleblowing and payment of the living wage.
    • A community or corporate responsibility policy or procedures.
    • Active membership of the Supply Chain Sustainability School.
    • Procedures to reduce the risk of modern slavery (including forced, compulsory and child labour) occurring in their supply chain.
  • Actively engaging with our Preferred Suppliers to build effective relationships. As well as regular dialogue and meetings, we provide transparency of our dedicated supply chain contacts and project pipeline (including tender activity, project progress and subcontractor appointment).
  • Committing to paying Preferred Suppliers in line with our mutually agreed contract terms.
  • Being Partners, board members and active participants in the Supply Chain Sustainability School, which provides free industry specific sustainability guidance and training to the construction supply chain.
  • Setting targets to drive improvements in the sustainability credentials of our Preferred Suppliers.
  • Providing sufficient information, resources and training to employees involved in the implementation of this policy.
  • Communicating this policy to all potential and existing Preferred Suppliers.

Overall responsibility for responsible souring and this Policy rests with the Company Board. The Company Board discharges this responsibility to Company Commercial Director who is responsible for the implementation of this Policy.

This Policy statement applies to all our current and potential Preferred Suppliers and is available to all employees via our intranet based business management system. The policy is also made publicly available on our website. The contents of this Policy will be reviewed and updated as necessary on at least an annual basis.

Signed for and on behalf of the Company Board:

Gerry Gallen
Managing Director
Selsdon Building Contractors Ltd