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At Selsdon Building Contractors we recognise the impact that construction can have on biodiversity and as such we are committed to protecting, and where appropriate enhancing, biodiversity during our construction activities for the benefit of all our stakeholders and society. We deliver this commitment by:

  • Conducting habitat and protected species surveys, wherever needed.
  • Assessing and managing biodiversity risks and opportunities through project specific environmental risk assessments in accordance with our environment management plans.
  • Minimising any negative impacts on biodiversity through compliance with our legal obligations and careful site management.
  • Considering opportunities for biodiversity enhancement, where appropriate, if not already specified within requisite planning obligations.
  • Engaging specialist ecological and biodiversity experts and/or local and national conservation agencies on project specific biodiversity initiatives, as appropriate.
  • Ensuring employees and subcontractors are equipped with the training and skills they need to deliver compliance with this Policy.

Overall responsibility for biodiversity and this Policy rests with the Company Directors. The Company Directors discharges this responsibility through the Senior Managers who are responsible for the implementation of this Policy.

This Policy statement applies to the whole of Selsdon Building Contractors and is available to all employees via our intranet-based business management system. The policy is also made publicly available on our website. The contents of this Policy will be reviewed and updated as necessary on at least an annual basis.

Signed for and on behalf of the Company Board:

Gerry Gallen
Managing Director